keith eade drums

Keith Eade - Drums

Returned to hometown of Brighton in 2006 after retiring from teaching and examining Agricultural Science for 40 years in Germany and Kent. Co- founder of the band with John nearly fifty years after its inception as agriculturalists on VSO in Dar-es-Salaam. Now nearing three score years and ten.

First played drums as a teenager in Boys Brigade marching band in early sixties then with a "beat group" The Moonrakers at a church youth club with ex band guitarist Trevor Hill until leaving for agricultural college in 1965. Then a long break from drumming apart from the odd school musical production till the formation of the Leaky Buckets

Keen writer of lyrics but not a tunesmith. Just published a book of over one hundred song lyrics and beat poems written over last few years. Some have had tunes added by either Trevor Hill or Max and Reid in the band and been arranged and recorded. Always had an obsessive shared interest with wife Polly in the minutiae of all genres of music especially blues and jazz and been to many live gigs and venues and have collected a large, well-used cd library.